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Welcome to Look through your phone and see the path of the sun!

Plan not only the sunrise and sunset times, but also when the sun will be hidden by a building or a relief.

Travel in time and see what course the sun will follow in the months to come.

Display the summer and winter solstices, showing the extreme positions of the sun over a year. *

Predict the sun reflection in water. *

Take and save photos. *

Check afterwards the different trajectories of the sun for a whole year. *
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Visualize the sunlight in and out of a house you wish to buy for every month of the year.

Predict the consequences of a shadow.

Think about the orientation of a terrace, imagine creating a new window.

Export your photos, including the drawing of the sun path, to your computer and integrate those pictures into a report (for example: photovoltaics). *
If, for example, you're visiting a house you wish to buy, take a lot of pictures with the application. *
You will then be able to visualize the sunshine at different moments of the year!

Shoot the inside from a window, and activate the drawing of the shadow.
You will then visualize what the window will light at a given date!
Plan your pictures according to the light effect you wish to create.

Plan when a subject (like a statue for instance) will be lit from the angle you have chosen.

Plan when that same subject will be aligned with the moon.

Use the calendar of the moon phases.

Plan when the sun will light a scene (and not be hidden by a mountain or a building).

Imagine the outline of shadows on the scene at a later date.

Use the agenda to plan your future pictures. *

This way, you will know when to return to the site to take your picture to the maximum effect. *

Use Google Maps to pinpoint its exact location. *
Activate the water mode. *

You can now tell where the sun or the moon will be...
...if reflected in water!
Drag or tap to change the date and thus pre-visualize the sun or moon trajectory in the weeks or months to come.

Drag or tap to change the time and make the sun run along its path on the selected day.

Sunrise and sunset times for the selected day are also displayed.
You can also set a particular date using the calendar.

Use the "now" button to get back quickly to the present date and time settings.
The blue arrows represent the summer and winter solstices. The sun path will always be -all year long- between those two. *

This way, you can immediately see that the sun on this picture will never be lower than the blue arrows.

This is also relevant for the drawing of the shadow.
Choose between displaying the sun, its shadow, or the moon.

The drawing of the shadow can help you predict where your own shadow will be.
If you are at the top of a building or a mountain, you will then be able to predict its shadow!
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AppsZoom . rated 4* . "Easy, useful and powerful VR app."

100BestAndroidApps . "This really is a special app."
Use the moon phases calendar:

Learn at a glance on which days the moon will be full (or conversely when the night will be moonless).

The upper-left drawing shows precisely which phase of the moon you will see on the chosen date.

For more details, please visit
Take a photo. *
You can then change the date and consult the sun path and the moon path without having to keep the phone steady.

Click a second time on the "photo" button to go back to the live video mode.
Use the "disk" menu to organize your pictures: *
Load a picture, and consult the different sun or moon paths at different dates as if you were still there.
Change the date, and save the picture as planned for a new date.

Use the "export" function to add your photo, including the drawing of the path, to the picture gallery of your phone. *
From that moment on, you will be able to use it like any other picture on your phone: transfer it on your computer using USB, email it, tweet it, ...
You can consult your saved photos as thumbnails. *

Use the arrows to change the page. Drag vertically to look at a whole page.
Select a picture to obtain more details. *

Click on the magnifying glass to display it full-screen and consult the various paths of the sun and the moon on that picture, as if you had just taken it.
Sorting the saved photos by planned date (that is the date you chose before saving) enables using the application as an agenda.
Use this agenda to plan when to return to a place you want to make a picture of. *

Click on the map to display with Google Maps the spot where the picture was taken.
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